Shelf ready packaging

Shelf ready packaging (SRP) is used for product packaging, but it is also a solution that can be used to expose the store shelves very effectively. We offer you boxes that will make your products visible on the shelves, but also tailored to the requirements of the retail chain.

Transport box

Transport boxes, the so-called type Amerikan (Fefco 201), are the most famous and commonly used boxes. They are coming in standard dimensions as well as dimensions customized for your products

Archive box

Store your documentation in convenient and easily foldable archive boxes. They are made in several standard sizes and two colors (brown and white), but can be customized as you wish.

Boxes for jars and bottles

The packaging options for your bottles and jars are truly diverse. From exclusive boxes to simple packaging for one or more bottles as well as transport packaging . It is only up to you to supply us with your bottle or send us the dimensions, and we will suggest the best possible solution for you.

Boxes for food products

You make cakes and cookies? Or maybe sausage or ham? We have a large number of standard food boxes, which can be made from material certified for use in the food industry if the box is in direct contact with food.

Gift boxes

Your product or gift needs the best possible packaging to make it recognizable and attractive. We offer a wide variety of unique and standardized boxes of different shapes and colors, with the ability to print your message or logo, custom inserts or refills for product protection.

Boxes for different purposes

Do you need boxes to separate the waste or maybe organize prize game? We have boxes for such and similar purposes that we produce from different materials with the possibility of printing if desired.

Commercial packaging

Your product needs to stand out from the rest in some way, and one of the most effective ways to do this is recognizable and visible packaging. We can offer you solutions that cover all stages of design: from idea to test sample and box production.

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