Floor display stands

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POS & POP materials Floor display stands

Floor Display Stands are an effective solution for in-store promotion. They are easy to assemble and can be made in various sizes and shapes and can be used to exhibit many types of products, from beverages to sweets, cosmetics, etc.


- Dimensions: 600x400x1400 mm + 200 mm for header

- Load capacity: about 20 kg per shelf if shelf has reinforcement , without reinforcement about 10 kg

- Shelf front height 60 mm

- The display is delivered unformed

Most stores have limits on height of the display , max. height 1600 mm so it is very good to check the required height with the point of sale where the display goes.


If the Display goes on a "chep" pallet then the dimension of the display is 590x390 mm because the display must be slightly smaller than the "chep" pallet which is often 600x400 mm


- Dimensions (length x width (depth) x height), header height

- Display load capacity, shelves

- How many shelves a sisplay should have

- Shelf spacing (necessary if different products go to the shelves)

- The material from which it is made (corrugated cardboard, polypropylene, forex, wood etc ..)

- Delivery method: not formed or formed

- Print: with or without print

SUGGESTION: It is recommended to place the display at the point of sale in a PVC saucer that protects the display from moisture from washing the floor at the point of sale. This part is according to the customer's wish, not necessary.

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