POS & POP materials

Floor display stands

Floor Display Stands are an effective solution for in-store promotion. They are easy to assemble and can be made in various sizes and shapes and can be used to exhibit many types of products, from beverages to sweets, cosmetics, etc.

Countertop display stands

Countertop display stands are a good solution to highlight your product even in smaller stores, and are intended to stimulate impulsive shopping. They can be produced in innumerable variations, in various forms, as well as with optional inserts, levels, drawers and similar options tailored specifically for your product.

Hanging parasite units

Hanging displays or so-called parasites are smaller displays that are mostly hung on shelves. They can be manufactured in a variety of forms, with adjustable shelves or compartments and are easy to install in the shop.

Pallet wrappers

A pallet wrapper really can make an island from your palletized products, and every customer will be stopped to see what it is. They are made from different types of materials, in various sizes, as well as with extra extensions that further highlight your product at the point of sale.

Totems and standee

Totems and standee stands are a very popular and attractive means of promoting your products. They can be made from different types of materials, and also in various sizes - from small, countertops, but also gigantic variants that you can use very effectively in your promotional campaigns.

Promotional counters, walls, islands

Promotional counters, walls or islands are a great solution for promoting products at various events such as festivals, concerts and similar events.

Internal and external print

Internal (eg floor or wall) and exterior (eg window graphics or mesh) will in a very effective way attract attention to your brand.

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